Practical Tools for Success

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

With God, nothing is impossible! He’s the God of both the supernatural and the practical. If we want to be successful in life, we need to seek Him. We must read His Word and apply His principles.

The Living Bible translates Proverbs 24:3-4 this way: “Any enterprise is built by wise planning, becomes strong through common sense, and profits wonderfully by keeping abreast of the facts.” If we want to succeed, we must be wise planners. Instead of just leaping into action, we must consider our goals and objectives. We must evaluate our options and seek God’s plan for how best to proceed.

As we plan, however, we must be sure our actions are consistent with God’s Word. Before we make decisions, we should pray and seek His wisdom and direction. And as we approach problems, projects, and challenges, we need to make sure our lives are in tune with His Spirit. What would He have us do?

We also need to keep “abreast of the facts.” This means being aware of the history and background of the situations we face. It is prudent to evaluate the successes, failures, and experiences of others. It means not making decisions based on emotion or feeling, but checking the facts and doing research. When we apply these principles, we have the tools we need for success.

Today, make sure to commit everything you do to God. Always remember that He is with you. He can perform miracles, but He wants you to remember to pray and seek His wisdom and guidance. Be a wise planner, but above all, make sure to base your life on His Word.