Today and Tomorrow

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

For Henry Ford, life was good. His company had come under increased competition but still was the dominant automobile manufacturer. That spirit was clear on this day in 1928, as he toured the Ford Industry Exhibit in New York City along with his son Edsel and inventor Thomas Edison.

The event had been designed to showcase the new Model A, and Ford seemed to be overflowing with confidence. He remarked, “Nothing is wrong with anything, and I don’t see any reason to believe that the present prosperity will not continue.”

To many at the time, it seemed like the prosperity they enjoyed would never end. Little did they know that, within months, the world’s economy would crash, and the Great Depression would change everything.

How easy it can be for us to forget how much life can change from day to day. Frequently, the unexpected takes place, and we’re surprised by the way events unfold.

For many people, this level of uncertainty can lead to anxiety, worry, and fear. But for Believers, these are mere reminders that none of us really knows what will happen tomorrow. Our lives are like “a vapor that appears for a little while and then vanishes away.” We need to trust in God and make Him the foundation of our lives.

The Bible reminds us that although we may not know the future, God does. In fact, He has declared “the end from the beginning” (Isaiah 46:10).

Today, as you look into the future, don’t allow your life to be filled with fear or worry. Instead, place your trust in God. Have faith in Him. You can depend on Him!