Time to Reflect

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

Beersheba had been a special place for Jacob’s family. It was where his grandfather, Abraham, had reached an agreement with Abimelech. God had appeared there to his father, Isaac, and renewed His covenant. And from there, Jacob departed for Haran as he fled from his brother, Esau.

So, as Jacob prepared to leave for Egypt, he stopped at Beersheba. He had heard that his son, Joseph, ruled in Egypt, but it seemed too good to be true. On his stop, he paused, offering sacrifices to God and seeking His Presence.

We can imagine Jacob thinking about his life. He took this time to reflect on his family: his sons, father, and grandfather…and how he had stolen the blessing from his brother Esau. What did it all mean? What would he have done differently, if he’d had the opportunity?

God spoke to Jacob, telling him not to be afraid to go to Egypt. He promised to be with him and “make you a great nation there.” In that moment of reflection, God gave Jacob the peace and assurance that he could trust Him.

We, too, may experience moments of reflection like this, as we think about our lives. We can hear God’s comforting voice, reminding us that He knows what we’ve done. Although we might have made mistakes, He reassures us that He is God Almighty. We can trust Him…He will guide us and forgive our sins.

Today, stop and take time to reflect. Turn your thoughts toward God. Make an offering of the time, talent, and treasure He has given you. Commit your ways to Him. Ask Him to direct your path, and then accept His assurance, comfort, and peace.