Time for God?

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

Just look around. Think about your life. Your schedule. Your friends and family.

It becomes clear that many people simply are busy. They rush about, preoccupied with personal, family, or business tasks. Indulging in hobbies or pleasures.

Yet, as a recent survey confirmed, nearly half of all adults admit that they don’t have enough time “to do the things they want to.” In the midst of crammed schedules, we can wonder how God fits in.

Many take time for short prayers at morning or night, or at meals. Some spend a few moments reading the Bible or a devotional book. Others are content going to church once a week. But is this really the way we should act toward Almighty God?

The Bible says that we need to seek His Kingdom first. This means that He should be our highest priority. Seeking God shouldn’t be an afterthought but a dominant goal.

We also are commanded to “be still” before Him. To take time to listen. To reflect on His Word. To seek His “still small voice.” We cannot be still if our minds are preoccupied by daily pressures. How can we hear Him if we rush through a brief time of prayer or Bible reading?

Being still means eliminating distractions and focusing on God. It means waiting in His presence, and listening to Him. It means reading His Word. And it means times of dedicated prayer and communion with Him.

The Bible reminds us that God longs to have an intimate relationship with us. This means you! He wants to speak to you, guide you, teach you new things, and change your life.

Do not take God for granted. Make Him your highest priority. And be still before Him. Listening. At peace.