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René Descartes was a brilliant child, entering college when he was just eight. Because of poor health, he was permitted to remain in bed until late morning, a habit he maintained throughout his life.

Born on this day near Tours, France, in 1596, his diverse career included a law degree and time in the Bavarian army. He traveled extensively before settling down in Holland. Because of his ideas and influences, he has been called the father of modern philosophy. He also revolutionized mathematics by applying algebra to geometry, leading to principles still taught in schools worldwide.

Descartes is best remembered for one of history’s most famous quotes. In a book he published in 1637, he wrote, “I think, therefore I am.” As this quote suggests, he was obsessed with an aspects to life governed by the mind.

Historian Kenneth Clark observed that, early in life, Descartes “discovered that all he wanted to do was to think.” One morning, when friends came to visit, they found him in bed. When they asked what he was doing, he replied, “Thinking.”

As Descartes discovered, thinking is important. God has given us incredibly complex minds, and the ability to think. Reason. Learn. Understand.

But it can be easy to depend on our minds. To focus on thinking. Clearly, God wants us to think. To develop our minds. But we need to remember that the spiritual aspect of life is more important. As Paul reminded us, we need to take “every thought captive to the obedience of Christ.”

Today, ask God to give you greater wisdom. To help you think more clearly. But, first, fill your mind with His Word. Let it guide you. Make it the basis for your thoughts. And submit all your thoughts to Him.