Things Will Change

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

God told the people of Ezekiel’s time that things “will no longer be the same.” Everything might have seemed so permanent. But God warned that change was coming. And this change would impact everything. People would change. Circumstances would change. Conditions would change.

The important “will be made unimportant.” Buildings that seemed magnificent would become “a ruin.” People who were powerful would be humbled and made insignificant.

The promise of change can be unsettling, particularly for those who benefit from current conditions. Who want everything to stay the same. But the fact is that change is a constant theme throughout the Bible.

In this world, some seem strong while others appear weak. Some may be rich in possessions, while others appear poor. Some seem famous while others live in obscurity. But Jesus said that many who are exalted now eventually will be humbled. And that many in lowly positions now will be exalted (Matthew 19:28-30).

Change may take place in ways that are visible, or in eternity. But it will take place.

Today, remember that God has a unique perspective on people and possessions. What is honored by the world may mean nothing to Him. Faithful servants may not get headlines, but He knows every one. And He promises reward to all who faithfully invest their resources, and are fruitful for His Kingdom.

The Bible urges us to remember God’s perspective. To realize that so many things that seem important really are temporary. Instead, we are to invest our time and resources in  what lasts. And always to seek first His Kingdom (Matthew 6:19-33).

In your life, invest your time and resources in the Kingdom that will never fade away. Make your life count for eternity.