The Wisdom of Waiting

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

How do we react when we are attacked? When we feel criticized or condemned by others?

A logical reaction is to act quickly, determined to avenge ourselves, argue our case, tell our side of the story, and redress any wrongs that have been committed. Sometimes these rapid responses are appropriate. But the Bible warns us against acting in too much of a hurry or going out “hastily” to argue our case. Why?

Quick reactions can be reactions of emotion, not reason or spirit. In these circumstances, we can become overwhelmed by a variety of motives. This spirit can foster a lack of discernment, discipline, and control. We can be dominated by purely selfish motives, including revenge, vindication, jealousy, pride, or anger.

We need to be aware of the possible dangers when we rush to react. Lacking control, we can complicate the situation and stir up additional trouble. We might find ourselves increasing our guilt and the problems we face. As the Bible mentions, we might find ourselves humiliated as we say or do things we later regret.

As you face problems and challenges, commit them to God. Pause to pray, and seek His wisdom before doing anything. Cultivate a personal relationship with Him-a relationship so intimate that you know beyond a shadow of a doubt that He’s with you in every situation. Learn to recognize His voice so you will know what to say and do.

Don’t allow your life to be controlled by your flesh or the world, but fill your mind with His Word. Make a habit of applying Biblical principles in every area of your life. Seek to be filled with the Spirit, and follow His leading. Constantly allow His peace to fill your heart. Seek His discernment so you can know what He wants you to do.