The Timeless Story

The Timeless Story

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries1 Minutes

“It can be a difficult time of year for a pastor,” commented a seasoned minister, reflecting on the challenge of presenting meaningful messages during the Christmas season. What makes it so difficult? Only a few key Biblical passages relate to Christmas, he explained, all of which have been the subject of countless sermons, messages, books, and hymns. How difficult to find a unique slant to really make an impact!

In many ways, the problem is not with the story itself, but in the way it has been embellished. Layers upon layers have been added to the point that many overlook the core message. For some, it has become an event dominated by traditions and interpretations, at times far from its origins. Others adopt an attitude of competition, driven to find something new and different.

During this season, we need to remember the basics. We need to wipe away everything secondary and focus on the truth that God sent Jesus into the world to be born as a human being who would live a sinless life and provide a way to receive forgiveness of sins. He showed God’s power at work and demonstrated the life He wanted for His people.

This Christmas season, don’t let clutter clog your schedule or allow secondary concerns to dominate your heart and mind. Focus on the simple truth of the life-changing story of Jesus’ birth, life, ministry, death, and resurrection.