The Story of Jesus

The Story of Jesus

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

The story of Jesus must have had special meaning for Fanny Crosby. Blinded by a treatment she received for an infection when just six weeks old, she spent the rest of her life unable to see. Refusing to feel sorry for herself, she became a passionate student of the Bible, memorizing long passages. She also found special meaning in her relationship with the Savior.

In her adult years, hymns poured from her life, filled with depth. None tells her testimony more clearely than a hymn she wrote in 1880. Called “Tell Me the Story of Jesus,” she described her desire that every word of this story be engraved on her heart. To her this was the “most precious” and sweetest story ever written.

It was a story told in part by “angels in chorus” who “sang as they welcomed His birth.” And who sang praises and glory to God.

The story of His birth is wonderful but there’s so much more! The Bible reminds us how He fasted alone in the desert and was tempted for our sins. Ultimately, this story tells of “the cross where they nailed Him,” and the “sorrow He bore.” How He had been “despised and afflicted, homeless, rejected, and poor.” How He was laid in a grave, yet rose again in triumph.

We marvel at the spiritual vision captured by Fanny as she described the “love in that story so tender.” Even though she was blind, to her it was “clearer than ever I see.” How she celebrated that story, knowing that His “love paid the ransom for me.”

In your life, join the shepherds who delighted to tell everyone about the Good News that Jesus had come. Join them in glorifying and praising God for His amazing gift.