The Sound of His Voice

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

The woman in the Song of Solomon described how wonderful it was to hear the voice of her lover. Just the sound was like a magical experience.

The picture here, from a spiritual perspective, is the voice of our Savior. On the one hand, His voice may be the same for everyone. Yet He has a unique relationship with all believers. So special that each of us can know His voice.

As he thought about his relationship with Jesus, Joseph Swain wrote a hymn, “His voice as the sound of the dulcimer sweet.” Swain, who was born in Birmingham, England, in 1761, frequently wrote hymns that express his thoughts and feelings. And, as he thought about the sound of Jesus’ voice, he wrote that it was like “the sound of the dulcimer.”

Many in America associate the dulcimer with music from the Appalachian region. But, in fact, dulcimers have a history that goes back thousands of years. Probably developed somewhere in the Middle East, there are varieties of designs. But we get an idea of the sound from the name itself, which is derived from Greek words meaning “sweet” and “song.”

Yes, Swain thought of the sweetness of Jesus’ voice. He described how his soul delighted in His presence. How He provides comfort, hope, and salvation. Knowing that He is with us, we don’t have to weep when we are “in the valley of death.” That His sheep can “feed on the pastures of love.”

In language reminiscent of Song of Solomon, Swain described the “excellent beauties” of our Lord. How we “may embrace Him,” and “my Belovèd.”

How is your relationship with Jesus? Has it grown cold? Become more distant? Remember, He loves you. Listen for His voice!