The Savior Comes

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

A love relationship can be so hard to define. Those who have experienced such a love know how hard it is to describe.

These are the inspirations for the love relationship described in Song of Solomon. Totally in love, the woman described her lover as “dazzling.” As other translations render the Hebrew word, he was outstanding. Distinguished. Notable. He “stands out.”

William Robertson had this kind of feeling about the Savior. Born near Glasgow, Scotland, he spent most of his life in ministry. He also loved hymns, serving as a member of his churches’ hymnal commission. One of his own hymns, “The Savior Comes, No Outward Pomp,” focused on how much he loved Jesus.

In a phrase inspired by Song of Solomon, Robertson wrote, “All beauty may we ever see, in God’s belovèd Son, the chiefest of ten thousand He, the only lovely One!”

Yet, as clearly described in prophecy (Isaiah 53:2-5), Robertson recognized that the natural eye might not realize why Jesus was so wonderful. He came with “no outward pomp.” He was “rejected and despised of men.” He was “a man of woe” and knew what it was like to experience grief. Yet, “all the griefs He felt were ours, ours were the woes He bore; pangs not His own, His spotless soul, with bitter anguish tore.”

We praise Him, and love Him, for the sacrificial way He gave His life for each of us. For “we all like sheep had gone astray.” We were headed for “ruin’s fatal road.” But He “bore the mighty load” and took our transgressions on Himself.

Today, think about how much Jesus loves you! If you have any doubts, just read His Word. Remember that He gave up all the privileges of Heaven and became like a slave. That He “died a criminal’s death on a cross” (Philippians 2:7-8). For you!