The Right Weapons

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

Trained with a commitment to the strategies of past battles, Douglas Haig seemed to have been hopelessly behind-the-times. Born in Edinburgh, Scotland in 1861, his extensive military experience included serving with distinction in India and Africa. Rising to leadership of the British military, he was appointed commander of its first Army Corps at the outbreak of World War I. By 1915, he became its commander-in-chief, where he became the subject of controversy.

Haig is remembered for his commitment to outdated ideas and impractical tactics, including battle charges that became futile exercises in suicide. His Somme offensive, for example, resulted in 60,000 casualties on the first day alone, and no meaningful gains.

Haig opposed many modern innovations. To him, the most important weapons in battle were the horse and saber. He felt that airplanes were overrated and was not a fan of rifles. He generally opposed the use of machine guns, concerned that they might “dampen the men’s offensive spirit.” Even though steel helmets had been shown to reduce head injuries, he resisted allowing them in battle.

In retrospect, it seems that Haig was fighting the wrong war, with outdated strategies and weapons that no longer were effective. And with enormous waste in terms of human lives.

How many people are guilty of the same problem in their spiritual lives. Some don’t realize that they are in a war. Others focus on the wrong weapons.

The Bible tells us that the key to victory is fighting in the Spirit (Ephesians 6:10-18), with spiritual weapons. Being prayer warriors. Employing the sword of the Spirit (God’s Word). Walking in truth. Exercising the authority God has given us.

As you face the challenges of life, make sure that you are prepared. A person of prayer. Spiritually sensitive. Unafraid. Confident in your relationship with God. Filled with the Spirit.