The Only Way

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

To people around him, Jeremiah could seem confident and opinionated, strong and bold. But his writings reveal that he simply was a man who had been called by God. He was ready to follow Him and obey Him even when he, personally, didn’t yet understand the messages he was to deliver.

Jeremiah had learned that God had a plan for his life—a plan established even before he was born. His own interests might have taken him in other directions, but he had learned to trust God and follow His leading.

Jeremiah knew that many people didn’t have this level of trust. Yet God had shown him that He was like the master Potter, seeking to shape the lives of His creatures. He alone understands our nature and knows our potential and purpose. In fact, He alone knows the best way to shape our lives (Jeremiah 18:1-6).

For a moment, think about the world you face. Think about the constant stream of opinions you hear—the feelings of family members and friends, viewpoints expressed through phone calls and text messages, biases that subtly shape TV programs and films, the promises and solutions of politicians, answers proposed by educators and experts.

In the swirl of this activity, is it possible that there is one “Truth”? Is it possible to know the “right way” to live?

The Bible tells us there is only one right way, one Truth, one path to life (John 14:6). That is to follow Jesus and make Him our Lord. There is only one way to find fulfillment and direction: Trust completely in God.

Let Him direct your life!