The Miracle Bird

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

Married only a few weeks, the young couple lacked resources and needed a place to live. They didn’t know where to turn. Then Christian friends asked them to “house sit” while they temporarily were transferred to another city. It was a clear answer to prayer.

One of their few responsibilities was to take care of the family canary. It was a simple task. What could go wrong? But one afternoon the bird somehow escaped and flew out a hole in the porch screen into the vast unknown. They looked at each other, devastated.

Questions filled their minds. What would they say to the homeowners who loved that bird? Searching for answers, they decided to ask God for a miracle. They knew that He answered prayer, but this seemed like a prayer that couldn’t be answered. Yet the Word said that nothing was impossible with God (Luke 1:37), and that He rewards those with childlike faith. So they prayed and trusted.

The next day, there was a knock at the door. A neighbor had recognized the bird in their yard, captured him, and was returning him. The bird was somewhat haggard, but alive and healthy. Truly, this was a miracle!

When the homeowners returned, they enjoyed their bird more than ever. He not only regained his color; he became even more beautiful. They called him their “miracle bird.”

Every day, we all face problems—some big, some small, some that seem complicated or even impossible to solve. It can be easy to give up and expect defeat.

But the Bible tells us that nothing is impossible with God. He rewards those who seek Him and are bold enough to believe Him (Hebrews 11:6), those who approach Him with a simple faith, the faith of a child…simply trusting…simply believing.