The Magi

The Magi

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries1 Minutes

Who were these magi? In a recent book about Persians, scholar Tom Holland described the Magi as “a whole class” who studied the meaning of signs and events. Their beliefs generally developed from “the native paganism of the Persians” as well as “the teachings of Zoroaster.” They also were well informed about the Jews and their history.

From their study of the stars, they recognized that something unusual was happening and knew enough to follow the star, believing that it would bring them to a baby King. Their goal: to worship this King and bring Him gifts.

The actions of these magi confirm God’s sovereignty over all creation and every corner of the globe. No matter their motivation, these magi somehow felt drawn to seek the King of Jews. They also demonstrated the importance of worship as the culmination of their journey. They did not travel hundreds of miles empty handed, but came prepared with gifts worthy of a king.

Each of us can repeat their journey in our own hearts and lives. We can see God’s hand in every area, guiding us and speaking to us. And we can come into His presence with worship and praise as our gifts.

Today, dedicate your life to Him. Trust Him to guide you. Worship Jesus as your Lord! And express your worship by giving Him gifts worthy of a King. Give Him your best!