The Lord

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

God’s people had become proud. Trusting in themselves, they forgot about Him and all He had done for them. They forgot His promises and standards. But He reminded them that they were nothing without Him. He even could turn a “sprig” into something mighty.

When they became successful, they forgot that they owed everything to Him. To bring perspective, God would “bring down the high tree, exalt the low tree, dry up the green tree and make the dry tree flourish.” In the end, “All the trees of the field will know that I am the Lord.”

Today, we need the same reminder. To remember that we owe everything to Him. We simply are “sprigs” in His sight. He can exalt or humble us. No matter how successful we may appear, we depend upon God for everything. Every thought. Every resource. All our abilities.

This is why it is important to honor Him with our tithes and offerings. This demonstrates that we have the right priorities! That we realize that everything is a gift from Him.

In your life, remember that you owe everything to God. He created you. He has given you breath and every talent. He has a unique plan just for you. Don’t be poisoned by pride, or take His blessings for granted.

Always remember that He has blessed you that you might bless others. Thank Him for all that He has done for you. Humble yourself before Him. Praise and worship Him. Give Him all the praise and glory. He is the Lord!