The Ideal Church

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

We know that the early church faced a series of disagreements. There were differences about interpretations and priorities. Even about key theological issues. But the Bible also tells us about a special time when believers seemed unusually blessed. What made this time in history so eventful?

First, this immediately followed Saul’s conversation and the end of his persecutions. In fact, this was after Saul had been sent back to his home in Tarsus. This suggests that there were no conflicts about leadership. There were no major theological divisions, but general agreement. As a result, there was peace and harmony.

These believers must have agreed on the right priorities. They were not sidetracked by divisions, power struggles, or personality conflicts. The focus was on serving God.

At this time, the church was “edified.” The Greek word here literally means to build a house. Just like a house, the church was strong because of its solid foundation. Believers were encouraged to worship God. They hungered to know His Word. There was solid teaching and Christ-centered leadership.

There also was a sense of reverence for God. They must have been people of prayer, continually seeking God. Trusting in Him. Being led and empowered by the Holy Spirit, they did not depend on their own strength or abilities. They sought His leading and power.

The church has not always been so unified and blessed. But the Bible gave us these descriptions to help us see how we should be living.

How wonderful to think about nurturing these characteristics among believers! To encourage all believers to focus on God and His Kingdom. To seek to fulfill Jesus’ prayer and foster harmony with other believers (John 17). For each person to serve God faithfully with every resource. To be people of prayer, led by His Spirit.