April 30, 2023

The Heaven Room

Daily Devotional2 Minutes

“Around the throne were twenty-four thrones … twenty-four elders sitting, clothed in white garments, and golden crowns on their heads. Out from the throne came flashes of lightning and sounds and peals of thunder.”—Revelation 4:4–5 NASB

The Heaven Room is unique in an estate in southeastern England. This room is dominated by massive murals painted by Antonio Verrio, an Italian painter who lived in the seventeenth century. Many consider his work for this room to be his masterpiece.

In this room, how did Verrio picture Heaven? There are no scenes from the Bible, no prophets or angels, nor Jesus or the disciples. Verrio painted Heaven as a scene from Greek mythology with Greek gods as heroes.

These scenes tell us a great deal about Verrio. They also remind us of the many ways people view Heaven. It is the subject of myths and legends, visions and theories. Many religions claim to have the correct understanding of Heaven.

Believers know that Heaven is not filled with Greek gods. The Bible tells us that Heaven is filled with thrones and elders and saints from every nation and generation, a sea of glass, rainbows, lightning, and thunder. Most of all, here in this place, God is enthroned and worshiped! Here, His people will spend eternity with Him.

What is your vision of Heaven? The Bible is filled with vivid descriptions. Perhaps above all, remember that this is your eternal home. Jesus said that He went there ahead of us, to prepare a place for every believer (John 14:2). Demonstrating His great love, He has promised a place for you!

Reflection Question: What do you think Heaven will be like?

Dear Lord Jesus, thank You for preparing a place for me. I will seek first Your Kingdom and share the Gospel with others. In Your name, amen.

Today's Bible Reading
Revelation 4