The Fire of Revival

The Fire of Revival

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries1 Minutes

Peter Cartwright heard about the camp meeting taking place in Cane Ridge, Kentucky in 1801. Later, he attended himself. There, his life was transformed.

In his autobiography, he described the overwhelming presence of the Holy Spirit. During those meetings, “the mighty power of God was displayed in a very extraordinary manner.” It seemed clear that the Spirit was in control: “Seemingly unexpected” things regularly took place.

Camp meetings went on for weeks, lasting night and day. People from all denominations gathered, hungry for God. “It was not unusual” for up to seven preachers (representing many churches) to address the crowds at the same time from different stands that had been built.

Thousands gave their lives to Jesus and “hundreds fell prostrate under the mighty power of God.” This power was so great that people from miles around could hear the loud shouts. Today, we serve the same God who brought these revivals to the frontier.

On this Pentecost Sunday, make a commitment to approach God with this same spirit. Seek to be filled with the Spirit. Don’t allow doubt or the world to keep you from experiencing the fire of the Spirit. Separate yourself from daily routine. Dedicate yourself to seek Him. Worship Him. Don’t limit Him. Believe that He can do anything!