The Day of the Lord

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

Traveling throughout Holland and Germany in 1677, William Penn experienced a deepening of his faith. These insights helped this man, who would become an important leader in Colonial America, mature as a believer. At the time, Penn was 33.

One discovery was a new understanding of “the day of the Lord.” He wrote that this day “hath been deeply impressed upon me.” He confessed that he had developed a “holy and weighty concern for the glory and name of the Lord.” That he became more committed to spreading “His everlasting truth.”

Later, Penn returned to this theme when he preached a sermon called, “A Summons or Call to Christendom.” Through this sermon, he hoped to prepare Christians “for the great and notable day of the Lord that is at the door.” Too many were spiritually dead. Many had become weak and abandoned the true Gospel. He called them to wake up! To repent, that they “may enter into the rest of God.” To walk after the Spirit, not the flesh.

In his own life, Penn had made a radical commitment to God. He felt he had put these words into practice. His growing awareness of the day of the Lord freed him from worries about the opinions of others, and helped give him greater boldness. He was willing to take a stand for his faith, even enduring jail time and ridicule.

Today, Christians need that same sensitivity to the day of the Lord. This day will come “just like a thief in the night.” Make sure that you are ready. Seek first His Kingdom. And dedicate your resources to reaching souls with the Gospel. Don’t compromise. Be bold. The day of the Lord is coming!