The Day of Atonement

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

Today is Yom Kippur, which means “Day of Atonement.” This was a special day that God Himself established after the Israelites left Egypt (Leviticus 16:29-31). On this day, they were to pray and examine their hearts and lives. To encourage this reflection, no one was allowed to work or eat. This whole day was “most holy to the Lord.” Everyone needed this time of sober reflection.

In later years, synagogues often read Isaiah 58 on Yom Kippur, because this passage focuses on the process of being clean, both in the sight of God and others. It was not enough just to say they wanted to be clean. They actually had to make practical changes in their lives.

God promised to answer their call…IF they helped others in need, sought to restore broken relationships and heal the wounds caused by their words and deeds, and ministered to the real needs of people. “Then your light will rise in darkness and your gloom will become like midday.” If they did these things, God would guide them and satisfy them.

This day still is special on God’s calendar, for He is holy and desires that His people be clean and free from sin.

He wants you to be clean. He is ready, but you need to cooperate. Allow Him to search your heart and mind. Confess your sins, and receive His forgiveness. Seek to restore broken relationships. Have compassion for the needy. Make a commitment to base your life on the principles in His Word.

Then rejoice in the freedom and victory that are yours through Christ!