The Bringer of Hope

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

It was a critical moment in Jesus’ ministry. He had allowed His disciples to eat heads of grain from a field on the Sabbath. Some Pharisees following Him were incensed. To them, this was a clear violation of the Law.

Jesus told them this overriding truth: God desires compassion! Yet these Pharisees remained focused on their traditions and ancient interpretations, unaware that Jesus is “Lord of the Sabbath” (v. 8). He had come to restore people to a personal relationship with God, to demonstrate that God is alive and wants His people to focus on Him, not on their rules.

Then, as Jesus entered a synagogue, these Pharisees saw a man “whose hand was withered.” They asked Jesus if it was lawful to heal on the Sabbath. They didn’t care about the man, but just wanted to “accuse” Jesus (vs. 9-10).

Jesus reminded them about God’s concern for compassion. He also reminded them that none of them would hesitate to rescue a sheep that fell into a pit on the Sabbath. Why would they not show the same compassion for a man? Jesus showed His priorities by healing the man.

Then Matthew put Jesus’ life in the context of prophecy, saying that His mission was to bring hope to the Gentiles, to the world…hope to those who were sick and discouraged, worried or afraid…hope to those who faced financial difficulties…hope to those who needed protection and guidance (vs. 17-21).

Today, Jesus offers you this same hope. Let Him take away your burdens and give you His peace and rest. Be filled with confidence, knowing that you can trust in Him!