The Battle for Your Soul

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

Powerful assumptions are sweeping across the globe. An army is gaining momentum. Their cause? Fighting against Christians. Many of them believe that Christianity is outdated and even a dangerous influence; that Christians are unrealistic fanatics, naïve or foolish, hypocrites; that no “intelligent” person could believe the Bible.

We find these forces in the marketplace, in business, in government, and in education. This humanistic mindset dominates countless films and TV programs. Through these outlets they mock our beliefs and the idea that there is one true God. They deny that Jesus is the Way, the Truth, and the Life (John 14:6). In this cultural war, they feel they can win by intimidating Believers and forcing their view of history and their interpretation of life.

The people of Judah faced a similar battle when they were being besieged by Assyria. Their leader, Sennacherib, tried to discourage God’s people, warning them that they could not depend on God and that they would be defeated, just like other nations.

God’s people could have become discouraged. They could have given in or believed the lies, but they remained steadfast. They committed their problems to God and sought Him with renewed intensity…and He delivered them. Miracles were performed, and Assyria was defeated.

Today, remember that you are in a war. Open your spiritual eyes, and you’ll see battles being fought. Some, like Sennacherib, seek to intimidate us, spread confusion, or weaken our resolve.

This is a day to stand strong. Don’t compromise or be afraid. Know what you believe and Who you serve. Commit your life to serving Jesus. Make Him your Lord. Seek first His Kingdom. Trust in Him. Believe Him for victory!