Supplies for Victory

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

History often celebrates triumphs associated with individual battles. These can be pictured as decisive moments when brilliant commanders seized the initiative and turned the tide. But in his recent study of battles, historian Cathal Nolan reminds us that quick victories often are not as decisive as some assume. Ultimately, other factors may be more important.

While armies may prevail in single battles, it often is more important to have the resources to sustain their efforts. Soldiers become weary. Leaders can become distracted by other goals and priorities. Often the decisive factors include maintaining morale, and securing adequate supplies.

As an example from history, some focus on the campaigns of Hannibal in fighting the Romans in the third century B.C. Truly a brilliant commander, his campaign produced stunning victories. Yet ultimately, he and his armies were defeated. Why? They could not sustain their triumphs.

In contrast, the Romans overcame initial losses through persistence. Fighting on their home grounds, they could secure the necessary resources.

In similar ways, in our spiritual lives, we must be supplied for sustained effort. This means have a reservoir of spiritual resources. To know God’s Word and be guided by His principles. To be people of prayer, with an intimate relationship with God. To be properly connected with the body of Christ. With God’s help, having the right attitude, being persistent, without becoming weary.

In your life, make sure you’re ready. Resolutely depend on God. Seek to be spiritually equipped, always prepared for battle, ready to be trained and disciplined, and walking by faith.