Sudden Power

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

Growing up on a farm near Wilton, Iowa, Charles Gabriel constantly thought about music. In this Christian home, we can imagine his mind being stirred by the stories of the Bible. He went on to write more than 8,000 hymns and became an influential publisher, composer, and editor.

Around 1912, when he was 56, his thoughts turned to the story of Pentecost in Acts 2—the day God visited His people with supernatural power and proved He could do anything. But was this just a one-time event from history, or is God’s power still available to each of us?

In a hymn called “Pentecostal Power,” Charles reminded God how “at Pentecost, Thou didst Thy power display, with cleansing, purifying flame.” He prayed, “descend on us today,” pleading, “send the old-time power!” and “throw open wide” the “floodgates of blessing!”

Seeing a hurting world, Charles asked for an outpouring of power “that sinners be converted and Thy Name glorified!” Charles knew this required a personal commitment, but he was willing. Like the disciples on that first Pentecost after Jesus’ Resurrection, Charles was ready to wait until God poured out His Spirit: “Speak, Lord! Before Thy throne we wait, Thy promise we believe, and will not let Thee go until the blessing we receive.”

Today, are you content with a lukewarm faith and a mediocre Christianity? Or are you hungry for God’s supernatural, miraculous power? The Lord is ready. Are you? Seek Him. Cry out to Him. Wait on Him. Ask Him to purify your life of sin. Seek an outpouring of His Spirit on your life, your church, your nation, and the world.