Stepping Out in Faith

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

To many people, traditions are more important than Truth. And being popular is more important than pleasing God.

We see these patterns in ancient Israel when people often reacted as members of their tribe.

For example, after Saul, a Benjamite, became Israel’s first king, we might assume that his tribe would be loyal to him, particularly during his conflicts with David.

But the Bible tells us that some Benjamites were willing to seek out and serve David. These mighty men were willing to set aside traditions and tribal concerns. They might have been pressured to support Saul, a member of their tribe.

But these men were more concerned about serving God than with being loyal to their own tribe. At a time when David was vulnerable, these men decided to take a risk and “came to David at Ziklag.”

In every generation, some do what is expected. What is safe and comfortable. They follow the crowd, do the minimum, and go along with current trends. But some are like these Benjamites. Willing to place a higher emphasis on Truth than convenience or pleasure. Ready to do bold things, even if they are criticized or questioned. To seek God and His ways, even when the world pressures them to conform.

In today’s generation, what kind of a person are you? Be willing to step out in faith, to be bold and brave, and to let God open your eyes to understand how He views the world. Be ready to seek and embrace His will for your life.

And do what He wants you to do with your time, talent, and treasure.