Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

The task seemed impossible. Thousands of Israelites traveling through a wilderness. Constantly requiring water and food, protection and shelter. Moving toward the promised land, even though they had no maps to be sure they were on the right path.

Facing these endless needs, God promised to guide them. But what was unique was that He guided them in different ways at different times. He knew that they would face different kinds of circumstances and that each situation required its unique solution.

He specifically provided two general means of guidance designed to direct them no matter where they were, or what conditions they faced. During the daytime, He provided a pillar of cloud. But at night, they needed something more distinctive. Something more appropriate for nighttime conditions. So, He provided a pillar of fire.

Because God provided these tools, “they could travel whether it was day or night.” In every situation, they always could know what God wanted them to do and where He wanted them to go.

In the same way, God may lead us differently at different times. He may lead us one way when we are new Christians, and in others ways as we mature in our faith. Sometimes He may speak to us decisively, while other times He may seem silent or just speak with a “gentle whisper” (1 Kings 19:12). Sometimes He may answer us quickly and immediately, while other times we need to wait.

But in every situation, we must have confidence that He will lead us. Through specific ways He chooses, He will show us the way.

Today, commit your decisions to the Lord. Ask Him to guide you today! Stay obedient to what He reveals today! Then seek Him anew tomorrow. Ready to obey and follow His guidance, step-by-step.