Standing on the Rock

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

Charles Wesley understood how easily we can be influenced by popular opinions. He knew how often Believers face the pressures to conform and how easily we can drift away from God, following our own ideas, or the latest fads and fashions. And, when we do, we can find ourselves falling away from the faith, and filled with doubt.

Born on this day in 1707, Charles and his brother, John, became dynamic forces for the Gospel through the powerful preaching of the Word, and by writing hundreds of hymns, that have been sung throughout the world.

Charles recognized the importance of maturity for the Believer, and having a strong foundation based on the Bible. He focused on this theme in a hymn first called, “For a Tender Conscious.” Later, it became known as, “I Want a Principle Within.”

This hymn laid out key attitudes that were important for Believers. Depending on the Gospel, we need to stay sensitive about the presence of sin. We need to be on the alert against the influence of pride or wrong desires, and on guard against “the wandering of my will.”

This strong consciousness of God’s Word was critical to keep us from straying. Charles prayed that God would give him the power he needed, and would “remove the hardness from my heart.” He prayed that He would stir his conscience and awake his soul “when sin is nigh.”

Just as in Wesley’s time, we live in an era when there are many pressures on Believers, and many opportunities to compromise. We live in a time when conflicting ideas can pull at our hearts and fill our minds with doubt. How critical to know that God’s Word never changes.

Jesus taught that we should seek to build our lives on the Rock. Make sure that we are prepared for the storms of life, standing firmly on the Rock.