Spiritual Exercise

Spiritual Exercise

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

When Paul encouraged Timothy to “exercise” himself toward godliness, he used the root of the English words “gymnasium” and “gymnastics.” This word was familiar to Timothy. Every important city in the Roman world had at least one gymnasium. These were centers of physical training as well as discussions, learning, and the arts.

Paul used this reference to help Timothy think about how our bodies develop through diet and exercise. To grow properly, our minds, muscles, and bones need to be used properly and often.

The same principles are true in our spiritual lives. We constantly need to grow and develop spiritually. As Christians, we are born again when we accept Jesus as Savior. So as new believers, we are like babies. We need to grow and keep growing.

All believers must remember that it is essential that we mature and become disciplined about our faith. In the same way that athletes exercise to get in shape, we must exercise ourselves spiritually. This means studying the Bible, applying Biblical principles, praying, sharing the Gospel, and avoiding the places, people, and things that can weaken our faith and keep us from spiritual growth.

No matter how long you have been a Christian, make it a priority to grow in your faith. Don’t be content with the mediocre but seek to become more like Christ. As you seek to draw closer to God, exercise yourself toward godliness, and stand boldly for Biblical principles.