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Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

Even as a child, Leonhard Euler displayed unusual ability in mathematics. He would go on to make breathtaking advances in everything from arithmetic to calculus.

A key reason for his revolutionary discoveries was his strong faith in God. Born in Switzerland on this day in 1707, Euler remained a staunch believer throughout his life.

Even though his faith was foundational for his insights, many prominent people mocked him for his “simple” beliefs. He also faced a series of physical ailments, including severe vision problems. Both eyes became infected after surgery; only his faith helped him endure the pain. Yet, when the infection cleared, he was totally blind.

For most people, this might have been a crippling obstacle. Nonetheless, Euler never stopped applying his gifts. He amazed colleagues by solving some of the most difficult problems in all mathematics. Since he was blind, he couldn’t write the answers, so he just dictated the solutions.

Euler had such an impact because of his faith in God. He knew that He had created the world. He once described “the fabric of the universe” as “most perfect and the work of the most wise Creator.” He knew that God made the universe with rules that apply in every situation. This attitude gave him confidence that problems could be solved.

As you face challenges, ask God for wisdom. Learn His principles. Continue to have faith in Him, filling your mind and heart with His Word.