Snares that Await You

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

Before Israel entered the Promised Land, God wanted them to know how to experience victory and receive His fullest blessings. One of the keys would be avoiding the snares that awaited them.

He knew that they would be tempted, and that victory was possible only if they had an uncompromising attitude. They could not tolerate anything that violated His commandments, even things that seemed harmless or enjoyable.

Yet, the Israelites failed this test. They experienced some victories, but their victories were not complete. Eventually they would succumb to many temptations. Why had they fallen short? They failed to obey God, and were trapped by the snares about which they had been warned.

Learning from their example, we need to remember that God knows the future. He knows the situations we’ll encounter and how we’ll be impacted by the people and cultures around us. He knows that we will face many kinds of snares that can seem attractive and appealing. Our natural inclination can be to go along with what seems popular and easy.

These are reasons why we need to learn from the experiences of those ancient Israelites. To be victorious and receive maximum blessings, we need to listen to God and trust His warnings. To have an uncompromising attitude toward sin and the things of this world.

We need to know His Word and make it the basis of our lives. To stand on His principles.

In your life, let God equip you so you have discernment and are prepared for the snares that await you. Place your trust in Him.