Small Beginnings

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

Myra Hess easily could have given up or been discouraged. It was January 1922, and she was preparing to make her American debut. She had received critical and popular acclaim for her extraordinary performances as a pianist in her native England. Audiences across Europe had acclaimed her as an amazing talent.

But, in spite of this success across the Atlantic, her debut concert in America had the appearance of a complete failure. Only sixty-six people attended in an auditorium that seated more than a thousand.

How would she respond to this tiny turnout? She could’ve been insulted, or she could’ve decided not to give her best. Instead, she performed with all her heart. Among those in attendance were several influential music critics. They used their influence to spread the word about her skills as a musical poet, performer, and craftsman. Soon, she became as beloved in America as she was elsewhere.

Myra Hess had demonstrated a Biblical principle: When a project is just starting, there may not be much response. Any income may seem insignificant. Initial efforts might not seem successful. It can be easy to despise these “small beginnings.” But we must remember that “the Lord rejoices to see the work begin.”

Today, you may be engaged in a task that may not seem to be bearing fruit. You may not see the kind of results that you expect or hope for. But don’t give up or give in to despair. Be faithful with the gifts you’ve been given, and work as unto the Lord. Then commit the fruit of your labors to God. If you are faithful, He will bless you and reward your faithfulness.