Slippery Paths

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

Many religious leaders had become “godless.” In spite of their position of leadership, their deeds were corrupt and wicked. Because of their choices, they ultimately would face judgment. But they also would experience practical consequences: Their paths would become slippery.

This is a vivid picture: When we obey God, our lives have traction and grip. We have a firm foundation, and something to hold onto in every situation. We’re like mountain climbers whose specialized boots help them climb treacherous slopes. We’re like football players whose cleats keep them from slipping on the turf.

Everything is different when we fail to obey God’s Word. When we go our own way and base our lives on worldly wisdom, we lose perspective, grip, and traction. Our steps are not secure, and our paths become slippery. We can lack confidence and be unsure of ourselves.

We may feel insecure and lack the stability and sure foundation God desires for us. We may lack direction and even fall, experiencing physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual damage.

In your life, remember that there are many voices in the world today. Be careful about to whom you listen and the choices you make. Some people may sound reasonable, but might lead you onto slippery paths.

If you desire greater confidence and certainty, turn to God. Dig into His Word, and don’t compromise. Don’t follow anyone or anything that violates His Word. Let His principles govern your life.

Declare that Jesus is your Lord. Seek to follow the leading of His Spirit. Let God give you a firm foundation and traction, even in high places and on rocky slopes.