Sleeping Through Harvest

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

Every day we have choices. What will we do with our time and resources? What are our priorities? What is our attitude toward the situations we face? Will we be positive or negative? Will we take action or sit back and do nothing? To what extent will we really trust God?

These choices impact the process of reaping a harvest in every area of our lives. The Bible tells us that some gather while others sleep. This is a picture of how we choose to respond to the opportunities God gives us.

Those who “gather” are wise. They are filled with faith, and they put their faith into action. They do not sit idly by, but are involved in ministry. They plant seeds and give to the work of the Kingdom of God. They look for opportunities to serve others, and they believe God for blessings, power, and anointing. They are confident and put their trust in Him.

Meanwhile, others “sleep in harvest.” They do not take advantage of the opportunities they’ve been given. They may know about God’s promises, but they don’t put them into practice. Perhaps they don’t realize that God has given them the power and principles to be victorious and reap an abundant harvest. In effect, a wonderful harvest is going on all around them, yet they are “sleeping.”

How are you handling the choices in your life? Don’t sleep through your harvest times or miss the abundant blessings that God has prepared for you. Make sure that you know God’s Word, then make it the foundation for your life.

Live by faith. Actively plant seeds into God’s Kingdom with the time, talent, and treasure He has given you. Know that His promises are true—for you!