Skillfully, Unto the Lord

Skillfully, Unto the Lord

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

The Bible encourages us to make praise a priority. To be eager to sing to the Lord. This praise applies to everyone, regardless of our musical abilities. While each person is precious in God’s sight, we also know that He has given some people special musical gifts.

Here the psalmist focused on how and what we sing. We are encouraged to sing “a new song.” There is nothing wrong with “old” songs. These can be familiar and special in many ways. But they also can become just habits or traditions, sung out of memory, not conviction.

We are encouraged to sing a “new” song. A song about our current lives and the present concerns of our hearts. About new ways we have heard from God. About fresh revelation and experiences. Fresh reasons to sing and praise Him.

We also are to “shout for joy.” This implies uninhibited, unrestrained vocal expressions. Celebrations of God’s work in our lives. A joy that overflows from a life changed by His presence, by the realization of the way He shows His love and concern for us. Out of grateful hearts that truly trust Him.

We are not just to sing and shout. We are to “play skillfully.” We are to realize that God desires that, in every situation, we do our best. If we are going to sing songs, we should do this skillfully. If we are to play a musical instrument, we are to play gladly, happy to play unto the Lord, and make beautiful sounds for His glory.

This approach also applies to everything else we do. We are to be skillful in whatever work we do. To realize that God always deserves our best.

In your life, seek to be skillful in all you do, knowing that this brings Him glory and is pleasing to Him.