Simplicity in Christ

Simplicity in Christ

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries1 Minutes

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, who was born 264 years ago this month, was a brilliant musician. As one scholar commented, “he could write down a complicated piece while thinking out another piece in his head, or hear a long piece of music for the first time and immediately write it out, note for note.”

Today his music still is played, revered, and studied. What was his secret? Apart from his extraordinary musicianship, generations of scholars agree that one key was his ability to compose in a way that made everything seem simple and natural.

A musicologist noted how a study of Mozart’s compositions reveals “works which are at once supremely simple and profoundly subtle.” It was as if the music had not been written, but always existed. Nothing ever seems contrived or artificial. Piece after piece is a miracle of balance, beauty, and artistic perfection.

In contrast, many people think that they demonstrate their abilities and skills through complexity. Many even apply this principle to their spiritual lives. Paul warned, for example, that some people were trying to complicate the Christian faith, attempting to lead believers astray by “craftiness.” He reminded them about the “simplicity and purity of devotion to Christ.”

Make sure that you have a simple faith; do not make it complicated. Trust your life to Jesus, and obey His Word. Pray with simple and pure faith, and believe that God will answer your prayers.