Showing Appreciation

Showing Appreciation

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

How important is it to show appreciation? It is so important that, according to a new study, most employees actually say they would “likely leave their job of they didn’t feel appreciated.” The percentage had increased significantly from just a few years earlier. The percentage was ever higher among younger employees who seemed to place more importance on being appreciated.

This is in stark contrast to the view of many managers. In fact, in this study, most senior managers felt that “it’s common for staff to quit due to lack of recognition.” They didn’t seem to feel that appreciation was as vital as it was to their employees.

The conclusion? Appreciation matters. And there are many ways to express this appreciation. Through recognizing achievement. Acknowledgements. Saying encouraging things. Or simply expressing thanks. These actions can pay dividends in the workplace, inspire greater commitment and productivity, and spark improved attitudes.

Showing appreciation is a Biblical principle. Paul demonstrated this when he encouraged believers in Corinth to show appreciation for all those who served faithfully.

These are principles we can apply in our church and home. In our neighborhoods and the workplace. With casual acquaintances, and with friends and family. With the old and young. The fact is that all of us need appreciation. We need to know that we aren’t taken for granted. When we show appreciation we demonstrate that we care, and that other people matter.

Today, look for ways to show appreciation. To say words of encouragement. To let others know that you are thankful. And remember that this applies to your relationship with God. Seek to have a thankful heart, showing appreciation for all that He has done for you.