Sensitive to God

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

The people living in Jerusalem had been going about their business. Making decisions that made sense to them. Acting according to their own standards and rules. But then Ezra arrived. It was clear that he looked at life from a completely different perspective.

Others may have started with their own personal opinions and desires. But Ezra started with God Himself. What he knew about God based on studying His Word. From his relationship with God and his sensitivity to His Spirit.

Because of this sensitivity, he had a different level of discernment. He felt things that others did not feel, and had a perspective that only could have been given by God.

This sensitivity led Him to react with shame when he considered what the heathen might think about God. He was upset that God’s people were disobeying Him. He found himself “too ashamed and disgraced to lift” his face to God. Others thought their actions were acceptable, but Ezra was overwhelmed by the presence of sin. And he felt compelled to speak out.

Ezra demonstrated the impact of being in tune with God. When we are sensitive to His Spirit we see and hear things differently than the people around us. We feel compelled to obey Him. We feel what He feels, sense what He senses, and think His thoughts. And we are willing to live according to His standards.

Ask God to give you greater sensitivity to His Spirit. Seek His will above your own. Don’t compromise on the basics. And be bold to act with the convictions He gives you.