Saints Arrayed in White

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

Son of a priest, Hans Brorson was born in 1694 in Randerup, near the west coast of Denmark. He studied theology in Copenhagen and became one of the most important church leaders in Denmark. He also wrote many hymns, even publishing a book of hymns in 1732.

Toward the end of his life, around 1760, he wrote a hymn that expressed his thoughts about eternity. Reflecting on John’s vision of Heaven, Brorson described “a host, arrayed in white, like thousand snow clad mountains bright.” These people had experienced “great affliction,” yet had been “cleansed from guilt and blame” by the blood of Jesus.

During their lives, these people had been “despised and scorned.” They had endured “troubled days,” weeping and sighing. But there in Heaven all their troubles had been forgotten. They appeared “glorious” as they joined together in worshiping God. They were at rest and “at home,” and God had dried every tear.

Brorson knew that this vision was meant to give all those on earth perspective for their lives. We should praise the Lord who will sustain us with His Word on our journey through life. We may go through tears and pain, but we can be sustained as we realize that we are destined to spend eternity with God, where we will praise Him forever.

Today, in the midst of your journey, spend time praising God. Join the choirs of Heaven, and allow praise to saturate your heart and mind. As you praise Him, let God remind you of His plans for you. Let Him give you an eternal perspective for your life.