Rushing Like Many Waters

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

God’s people were oppressed by enemies who spoiled, robbed, and rushed “forward like waves thundering toward the shore.” They made threatening noises “like the breakers on a beach,” trying to gain attention, intimidate, and cause others to be afraid. But God wasn’t worried. To Him, their noise was insignificant, and He promised to “silence them.” In their pride, they may have sounded strong and powerful, but God said He would make them “flee like chaff scattered by the wind or like dust whirling before a storm.”

The world around us is filled with proud, boastful people shouting for attention, defying God, and asserting their own opinions. They want us to submit to their desires, and give up without a fight. We can be intimidated by the noise they create, and by their threats. But in God’s sight they are nothing.

In your life, do not be intimidated by the threats of people around you. Instead, focus on God. Stand on the promises in His Word. Assert the authority He has given you. Stay strong in His Spirit. Have complete confidence in Him.

You do not need to fear other people, no matter how boastful or big they seem. Trust totally in God. Let Him give you peace, and the wisdom to know what to do. Move forward by faith, believing Him for victory. And remember: He is greater than any person or promblem that you face.