Root Causes

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

The Mississippi River dissected the continental United States, winding for more than 2,000 miles. While it impacted life for countless natives, settlers, and explorers, no one knew its origins. What was the “source” of this mighty river?

There had been much speculation. But the source finally was discovered (in the state of Minnesota) on this day in 1832, by Henry Schoolcraft, a man who seemed ideally prepared for this task.

A fourth generation American, Schoolcraft was born in central New York. He developed a curiosity about minerals which led him westward, exploring Missouri and Arkansas, where he made recommendations about mining opportunities.

In the process he became intimately familiar with the region’s vegetation, wildlife, and geography, publishing important accounts of his observations. He also developed a special relationship with many Native Americans. All of these were factors in his quest to discover the source of the Mississippi.

Many focus their attention on what may seem obvious. The superficial. But the Bible helps us see the importance of knowing origins, sources, and root causes in all areas of life.

We realize that God is concerned with what we really believe, what we really are like, the real source of our problems (Matthew 3:10). He looks into our hearts and sees the root causes. How, for example, “the love of money is a root of all sorts of evil” (1 Timothy 6:1). Jesus taught the importance of having firm roots if we are to avoid sin and do what is right.

Ask God to open your eyes to the root causes of the issues you face. And to deal with them by the power of His Spirit.