Right and Wrong

Right and Wrong

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries1 Minutes

In the vision that Jesus gave to John, He twice singled out the Nicolaitans. Jesus praised the church in Ephesus because they hated the deeds of these people. He then criticized the church in Pergamum because they tolerated the same people. Who were they? Why was their presence considered so harmful?

First, Nicolaitans encouraged beliefs of pagan religions like those taught by Balaam, including eating food sacrificed to idols (v. 14). This blurred the lines of belief, suggesting that the central principles of Christianity could be intermingled with the beliefs of other religions. The Nicolaitans were spreading the idea that believers could live any way they wanted.

Nicolaitans also encouraged immorality (v. 14), teaching that Biblical standards were not important. By singling them out, Jesus was enforcing the truth of God’s morality. There is a right and a wrong. The actions they encouraged might have been accepted in the world. And these people suggested that Biblical standards didn’t really matter.

Particularly distressing was that Nicolaitans were readily accepted by many believers, like those in Pergamum. By praising the Ephesians in contrast, Jesus emphasized that His followers are to care about what they believe, to seek God’s direction, and to act in ways consistent with His Word.

The world may encourage tolerance of pagan religious practices and accept immorality. But remember that there are standards, and they do matter. Regardless of what some allow, some things simply are wrong.