Revolutionary Truths

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

Why do we allow our lives to be filled with fear and worry? These are responses to situations we face, because we don’t know how events will turn out. Our minds race with possibilities. We wonder and ask ourselves question after question. We feel vulnerable and lack confidence.

How different our lives would be if we really grasped the revolutionary insights that God gave to Isaiah. He challenges us to remember that He alone is God. “There is no other.” Our attitude changes when we focus on this fact—when we really believe that God is the Creator. We cannot compare Him with any person.

Faith rises even higher as we grasp that He already has declared the end from the beginning. This fact explains why we can trust Him. He is not surprised by anything. He knows. He shapes. He plans—perfectly, in every situation.

Much of our lives are spent in the “middle,” going through circumstances, wondering what will happen in the future. But we serve a God who knows the end. He’s already declared how everything will end. His purposes will be accomplished. No force can stop Him. If we believe this, our lives can be delivered from fear. We can trust in Him. We can have peace and confidence in any situation.

Today, let these truths sink into your heart and mind. Don’t let worry and fear dominate your life, but commit everything to God. Thank Him. Be filled with confidence. You can trust Him.