Responding to Pressure

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries1 Minutes

What distinguishes really outstanding athletes from the average? An expert who has studied thousands of athletes has concluded that what separates them is “their ability to perform in high pressure situations.” This also is true in other areas of life. Business leaders, for example, can develop the ability to “fulfill their potential under pressure.” But others fail to embrace the challenges.

The apostle Paul talked about glorying in “tribulations.” The Greek word here means “pressure” or “pressing together.” Paul was saying that we should glory when we face pressure situations—whether we feel like it or not.

We all face pressures on our jobs, and in our families, churches, and relationships. When we feel pressured, we often complain or become anxious or afraid. Our natural tendency may be to avoid these things. But God wants us to glory in them.

When we glory in tribulations, God gives us greater patience, which leads to experience, and hope. We become stronger in the Spirit.

Do you face any pressure situations? Do you have burdens that seem too great? Instead of complaining or becoming afraid or worried, commit your problems to God. Persevere, be steadfast and faithful, no matter what you face. Cooperate with God and trust Him to provide what you need.