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God told Israel that each of them was being judged “according to his conduct” (v. 30). More than just being judged, He wanted them to realize that sin could “become a stumbling block.” Sin is a trap, a way to be deceived. He had no desire to punish anyone, but in order to escape judgment and the consequences of sin, they had to repent.

The Biblical concept of repentance means to change one’s mind, to think and act differently. As God told Ezekiel, we demonstrate repentance by turning away from past mistakes, habits, impure thoughts, and immoral behavior.

These principles still are true. God has given us His standards in His Word. He has given us His Spirit to help us recognize sin (John 16:8). He asks us to be honest, to open our lives before Him, confess our sins, ask for forgiveness, and repent.

If we have repented sincerely, we simply need to accept His finished work. For when we come to Christ and repent, we become new creatures (2 Corinthians 5:17). We are different.

Apply these principles in your life. Ask God to search your heart and mind, to convict you of anything that is displeasing to Him. Confess those sins. Accept His forgiveness. Fill your mind with His Word. Seek to walk in the Spirit. Let Him guide you. Prove through your choices that you have changed. Dedicate your life to serving Him.