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Naomi and her family had left Israel for Moab, hoping to escape a drought. But, after her husband and two sons had died, she returned to Israel with only a daughter-in-law, Ruth, a Moabite woman with no knowledge of Jewish laws and customs.

Desperate for the basics of life, Ruth went gleaning for grain in a field, which, providentially, belonged to Boaz, a wealthy man, and a distant relative of Naomi. His workers were impressed with Ruth’s attitude and actions, and gave her special favor.

Obeying Naomi’s instructions, Ruth followed the customs of the time, and Boaz realized that she had acted with honor and humility. He knew of her reputation as a “woman of excellence.” He was ready to make her his bride, but knew that another man was a closer relative. He told her that he would approach the man and find out whether or not he would redeem her.

Naomi had no doubt that Boaz would keep his word. And the
matter was settled that very day.

Their marriage literally was made in Heaven, designed by God. This demonstrated just how quickly God can turnaround any situation. Both Boaz and Ruth had done their part. For Ruth had demonstrated a commitment to excellence. And Boaz was dependable, and a man of integrity.

They were the kind of people prepared for God’s blessings. People who were good stewards of the resources He had given them. People who were faithful and trustworthy. People who kept their promises and were committed to excellence.

Today, seek to develop these disciplines in your life. To be so dependable that others count on you. To be honorable and trustworthy. To keep your promises. Always remembering that you can trust in God to direct your steps and provide for your needs.