Pure Commitment

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

We might wonder why God called Amos to be a prophet. A career shepherd, Amos was not by nature a prophet. Ultimately, the reason seems clear: He looked for a man willing to deliver His messages without compromise.

Amos was willing to obey God, and deliver His messages. These weren’t always popular but they were the messages God had given him.

God knew that many of His people had become distracted. He reminded them that He called His people to justice and righteousness. They had forgotten about the simplicity Amos had found in serving God. They were to “seek good and not evil.” To “let justice run down like water, and righteousness like a mighty stream.”

This same message rings true today. In a world filled with relativism, God calls us to have an uncompromising commitment to justice and righteousness. People all around us may be obsessed with pleasure. They may bend the truth to suit their purposes. But God’s people are to stay committed and focused. God calls us to do what is right in every situation. To be committed to truth in all circumstances.

These characteristics are to dominate our lives. They are to “run down like water.” Not a stream or brook, or drips from the faucets of our lives. No. He wants righteousness to be “like a mighty stream,” with torrents flooding our hearts and minds. He wants us to be overwhelmed with righteousness, caught up in a flood, allowing it to wash away anything that is unrighteous and ungodly.

Ask God to give you a new commitment to serve Him. Don’t let the cares of the world distract you. Allow His righteousness and justice to sweep over you. Surrender your life to Him, and let His Spirit flow through you.