Proving Our Faith

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

Constantine had a vision…and history was changed. It was 312 AD, and he was battling for control over the Roman Empire. He and his forces faced an army with superior numbers, but as they marched toward Rome, Constantine’s vision assured him of victory—if he would conquer in the sign of the Christ. Grateful for the victory that indeed was won, he officially sanctioned Christian worship throughout the empire.

In the aftermath, Christianity gained greater acceptance, and its influence increased throughout the world. But not everyone was convinced. In 361 AD, when Constantine’s nephew Julian became emperor, he declared his rejection of Christianity, and he restored pagan worship.

According to a Roman historian, Julian (who was born on this day in 317) “found from experience that no wild beasts are as hostile to men as Christians are to each other.” He did not see God’s love in their lives. Christians might have been successful in politics, but from his perspective, all Julian could see was competition and strife.

We can wonder how many people in the world today look at Christians in the same way. We, too, need to be reminded that Jesus said others would know we are Christians to the degree we love each other. We prove that our faith is genuine when we demonstrate this love in practical ways.

In your life, remember that the world is watching you! Ask God to help you let His love flow through you to everyone you meet, both Believers and unbelievers.

Allow the Holy Spirit to change you. Demonstrate that your faith in Jesus is genuine by loving the people around you—on your job, in your family, in your neighborhood, and in your church.