Priorities and Passion

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

This psalm was written by a man who saw a world filled with people who didn’t keep God’s laws. This bothered him so much that he became emotional and his eyes shed “streams of tears” (English Standard Version). He had the right priorities.

As the psalmist thought about these people, it broke his heart. He overflowed with concern. He knew how much they were missing! He realized how important it was to keep God’s laws. He understood how much God loved them and wanted to bless them. And he knew that many of their problems could be solved if they simply kept His laws.

But that wasn’t all. The psalmist also was bothered because people had forgotten God’s words. This wasn’t just a mild interest. He was consumed with zeal. He cared, and cared passionately. He didn’t just casually think about this, but felt compelled and driven to take action—to do something.

Many Christians don’t have this kind of commitment or concern for others. They are content to focus on their own lives and their personal pleasures and problems. They aren’t burdened for the Lost, by those living contrary to God’s Word, or by a world going to hell.

Today, ask God to give you His priorities. Let Him change you, free you from preoccupations, and help you focus on the issues that are important to Him. More than ever before, be passionate about seeking first His Kingdom and His righteousness. Allow God to give you such a burden that you become emotional about those who are Lost.

Burn with passion for Souls. Be consumed with zeal for the things of God!