Praying for All Men

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

For whom are we to pray? Those we like? Friends and family? People with similar beliefs and political views? Certainly we should pray for these people, but our mandate extends far beyond these limits.

In fact, Paul said we are to pray not just for some people or just those we agree with, but rather for “all men.” This means the Godly and ungodly…the righteous and overt sinners…Christians and non-Christians.

Paul mentioned four types of activities to which we are to be engaged on behalf of “all men.” First, we are to offer supplications. The Greek words here suggest that we are to ask, entreat, and seek God on behalf of the needs of all people. We are to pray with intensity and purpose, reflecting genuine concern. We are to care enough about them and their needs that we are willing to seek God on their behalf.

We also are to offer prayers. The Greek word here indicates we are to set aside a special place to pray. And we are to “intercede” for them, coming to God on behalf of others.

Finally, we are to give thanks. The Greek word here is the source of the English word “Eucharist.” This means having an attitude of gratitude as part of our worship. The Bible is saying we are to approach our prayers for others with thankfulness. We are to be thankful both for the people, and for the opportunity to prayer for them.

Today, remember these commands as you pray. Develop a burden for prayer…intercede…entreat the Father…pray with purpose and intensity.

Regularly pray for “all men”—for politicians and generals…judges and movie stars…friends and enemies.